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WMIC OS Get Caption Error

Hello guys! today i will be showing you one of the challenges I faced doing my programming work on windows 7 and how I overcame it. The problem is Windows showing  “Error: Description = Not Found” when u use this code on command prompt “WMIC os get Caption”. Your own error may be internal or external error…whatever error

The best solution is;

  1. Right-click on My computer, and select device manager
  2. Select Services and Applications
  3. Select Services
  4. Search for Windows Management Instrumentation and stop it
  5. Goto C:\Windows\System32\wbem for windows 7. You can check where this path is for other windows
  6. rename repository folder or delete it. Renaming is better. You can rename it to something like repository.old
  7. Then, go back to Windows Management Instrumentation in Device manager and start it again. New repository folder will be created which will correct and install all necessary files and settings. Voila!!! That’s it!