Web Design & Development

We are a web design agency helping businesses of all size get a better return from online activities. We design and build stunning bespoke websites and we can help with a wide range of online marketing strategies. Every website that we create is designed and built by our team of friendly web designers and you have full content management system to update your website whenever you wish.

We have an innovative way of working, removing unnecessary costs, offering lower prices than other similar web design agencies. Satisfying our customers with profitable result is our watchword.

Custom Web Application

Cloud-based Application

Social Media Integration

Page Speed Optimization

WordPress, Plugin, & Woocommerce

A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. With wordpress CMS software, you can create, manage and modify your website contents in no time.

We can build custom wordpress plugin, setup e-commerce website with online payment for you using wordpress / woocommerce tools. Just name it by clicking the button below;

Responsive CMS Website

Wordpress Custom Plugin

Page Speed Optimization

e-Commerce Website

Offline HMS Web-based Software

Hotel Door Lock Desktop Software

Offline to Online Synchronization

More Other Features

Hotel Management System (BigHMS)

BigHMS is a highly flexible and simple Hotel Management System (HMS) for the hotel industry. Combining all our software features, it helps hoteliers to utilize every opportunity to manage, monitor, and boost their business revenue. 

BigHMS comes with offline web application, Hotel door-lock desktop software for generating and writing to smartcard, waiter/waitress tablet app, point-of-sales (POS) system for bar and restaurant, and more features.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App. Development

However, the world of software has transformed a lot since Zuckerberg made that statement in 2012. Today, the future is in the hands of cross-platform app frameworks.

Cross-platform app development frameworks allow us to develop mobile applications that are compatible with more than one operating system; in this case, iOS and Android. It provides us with the ability to write our code once and then run it anywhere for other platforms, thereby enabling us to release a product/software faster, safely, and with better quality.

Compatible with iOS, Android, etc.

Code Once, Run anywahere

Fast, Secure, & Better