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How to Truly Earn Dollar Online From Survey Website.

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Many ask this question, “Can I truly earn dollar online through survey and get paid instantly?”

The answer is capital YES! You can earn dollar online through survey and get paid automatically and directly into your Paypal account or through gift cards.

I have tried so many survey site but sometime there is country barrier. Some of them don’t accept Nigeria and some other countries. What I believe is that not everyone is a bad person. In all these countries, there are still some good people. So, thanks to this site called INSTAGC who make it possible for all countries to participate and earn through their website.

You can truly earn income on instagc: Click here to register now

I have been searching for survey website that pays instantly online without country barrier, I found none except this site called instagc. If you know any other site, comment below and let us know.

A lot of people are talking about instagc. It’s real. You can give it a try!

Click this link to register:

Please note: You must have a verified PayPal account. This is mandatory for all Nigerians.

Check it out here:


Yes i did!

InstaGC is not the biggest GPT/survey site out there but it’s really growing fast as of late. People tend to love InstaGC because they offer instant payments unlike the competitor sites like Swagbucks which lets you wait for 1–10 days to receive your payment.

My experience

Personally i have earned a few hundred dollars with InstaGC since being a member of the site. I’ve been a member since 2014 but only got active in 2016 or so (even then with some inactive periods). I personally like the fact anyone can join no matter the country. There are many offerwalls. You can also get your payments instantly meaning you have your gift card or Paypal money within seconds from requesting them.


Yes, i have cashed out many times from Instagc. It is genuine and one of the best gpt site out there.

InstaGC is a GPT (Get Paid To) website where users can find many offers, tasks and surveys to complete and earn money. InstaGC was founded in 2011 and since then it has become one of the best GPT sites. For every activity or task users perform on Instagc, they earn Instagc points. Later on these Instagc points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

“Drops of water make an ocean”
the little $5 today, and little $10 tomorrow will one day become $1000+ later.

Don’t give up!

Join now and start mining dollar.

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