Hotel Management System (BigHMS)

All-in-one hotel management system with door lock

BigHMS is a highly flexible and simple Hotel Management System (HMS) for the hotel industry. Combining all our software features, it helps hoteliers to utilize every opportunity to manage, monitor, and boost their business revenue. BigHMS comes with offline web application, waiter/waitress tablet app. to take orders, and hotel door lock desktop software you can use to generate smart cards for hotel doors through its encoder, and more features.


Room Booking and Reservation

You can perform room bookings and room reservations with bighms

Easy room rate management

Set up separate room rates for different types of guests and rooms.

Hotel Door Lock Software

BigHMS comes with hotel door lock desktop software which lets you write to door lock smart card through its encoder.

Guest View Window

Guest view window for guest to see different type of rooms and their prices through extension monitor.

Easy & Fast check in & out procedure

Handling individual and group bookings becomes trouble free with the best hotel check-in check out software.

User roles and privileges

The HMS software lets you create multiple users. Grant them operation and data access based on the roles they fulfill at your hotel.

Manage Bar operations

Manage hotel bar operations with BigHMS, and take customer's order with/without offline bar waiters (tablet) app.

Manage & Print Invoices

Bighms software lets you manage and print POS receipt & generate invoices for customers with ease.

Manage Restaurant

Manage and keep track of your hotel restaurant sales, and place customer's order.

Comprehensive Reports

No more limited reports. You can generate reports as you want with BigHMS and analyze your business performance.